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  1. Masked and welcome to R&R.
  2. Welcome to the party Sheepo! Come on discord and Dreadnought will get you setup.
  3. Masked and welcome to R&R. Dreadnought will be in touch with you, to help grow your nation properly.
  4. Masked and welcome to the alliance
  5. Masked, and welcome!
  6. Masked, and welcome!
  7. Applied at Knights Radiant. Locked
  8. Masked and welcome. Take a look around the forums, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Also, join us on Discord!
  9. About damn time!!! Welcome!
  10. Masked and took ya long enough!
  11. Yes he is
  12. Masked and welcome!
  13. There we go!
  14. Once join R&R Ingame I can get you masked here.