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R&R Government/ Charter

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R&R Government


President: DemonSpawn

Minister of Interior: Dreadnought
Minster of State: sojourner


R&R Charter


The Charter of the R&R Alliance

We, the nations of the R&R Alliance, joined by bonds of friendship and trust, hereby pledge mutual economic support and defense from any enemy that seeks to harm this alliance or its members. We pledge to follow the directives of the leadership that we have elected.

We, the government of the R&R Alliance, in order to serve our constituents and allies, hereby pledge to lead this alliance to the best of our abilities; recognizing that we are the face of this alliance and therefore treating all nations, both foreign and domestic, with integrity and respect. We pledge to listen to the concerns of our members and put the good of the alliance over personal gain.

Article I

Membership in the R&R Alliance

1)       Any member wishing to join the R&R Alliance shall apply in-game and file an application on the R&R forums.

2)       An R&R member with appropriate authority shall accept the application or bring the application to the government for review.

3)       If accepted, that applicant will be a nation of the R&R Alliance, with the rights, privileges, and responsibilities that membership entails.

4)       All members shall reside on the R&R Alliance affiliation and team color selected by the President.

Article II

The Government of the R&R Alliance

1)       The leader of the R&R Alliance is the President, who is elected to the position and serves a term of indefinite length.

2)       The President is responsible for the well-being of the alliance and is the voice of the alliance. The President’s responsibilities are, but are not limited to:

a.       Appointing a governing bureaucracy to manage alliance affairs.

b.      Signing any lower-level (non-mandatory) treaty with any alliance

c.       Submitting higher-level (mandatory) treaties to the membership for ratification.

d.      Canceling any treaty.

e.      Passing any decree, bill, or law.

f.        Reviewing legislation proposed by the General Assembly.

g.       Submitting a motion to declare war to the General Assembly in the event that a declaration of war is not mandated by treaty obligations or that is a direct threat to the R&R     alliance.

h.      Declaring peace with any alliance that R&R is at war with.

i.         Removing or sanctioning any member of the R&R Alliance who is in violation of this charter or any passed legislation.

j.        Moderating the Alliance Bank.

Article III

The General Assembly

1)       The membership of the R&R Alliance, henceforth referred to as The General Assembly, includes every member of the R&R Alliance.

2)       The General Assembly shall have the power to:

a.       Approve any higher-level treaties submitted to them by the President.

b.      Approve declarations of war as submitted to them by the President, in the occasion that submission is necessary.

c.       Submit to the President any member who does not hold to the policies or principles of the R&R alliance for review.

d.      Ratify any amendment to the charter submitted to them by the President.

e.      Submit to the President any law, decree, or treaty the General Assembly would like to enact.

f.       Institute a vote to remove a President from Office which requires 75% of all votes cast.

3)       The General Assembly shall have the responsibility to:

a.       Fight in any declared war as directed by the President.

b.      Aid alliance members as directed by the President.

c.       Maintain activity intervals deemed appropriate by the President.

d.      Reside on the color directed by the President.

e.      Maintain adequate military personnel and equipment to discourage raids and maintain fighting readiness, at the discretion of the President.

Article IV


1)       All public votes and ratifications shall be conducted in a designated voting forum.

2)       All votes shall last 36 hours.

3)       All votes shall require 67% of all votes cast to be in favor to pass.

4)       Removal of President will require 75% of the membership.

Article V

Leaving the R&R Alliance

1)       Any member who wishes to leave the R&R Alliance shall do the following:

a.       Post in the resignation forum or notify a Government Official of their intention to leave the alliance.

b.      Remove the approved “R&R” alliance affiliation from their nation.

2)       After these steps have been completed, that person will no longer be considered a member of R&R.



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